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07 Oct

Why you need to cleanse your deck.

Think of your Tarot as a tool or a channel for your intuition to communicate to you, so it makes sense that sometimes it might need a refresh a good cleanse works like a reset for both the deck and the reader. A cleanse helps remove any previous energy and intentions. For example, if you were using your deck yesterday and you were feeling sad, or angry, disappointed these are all negative emotions and wouldn't want that energy to hang around in your cards as it can influence a reading. Even if you are only reading for yourself your energy is always changing so when you deliver a reading with a freshly cleansed deck it will always provide a more accurate reflection of your current circumstances. 

Best times to cleanse your deck

When you first buy it.  - During the manufacturing process of your deck many hands have touched them especially when being packaged, placed on shelves, handled by customers and cahiers etc. You want to be sure to cleanse all other energies out of the deck before use. 

When someone else has handled them  - Eg Clients. It's always a good idea to cleanse your deck before and after a reading, it's also recommended to cleanse your home with sage before and after you have clients, visitors in your home to remove any negative energies as it hangs around like residue and can impact on our own moods.

Before and after a reading - For the best and most accurate results its highly recommended to cleanse your deck before and after every reading, it's always best to start with a good cleanse.

Best ways to cleanse your decks.

Crystals - You can either lay your deck on top of a flat crystal or lay the crystal on top of the deck to cleanse and charge them. Selenite in particular or clear quartz are great for this as well as connecting to your spirit guides. They help keep the energy clear and connected. 

Smoke - Hold your deck over a burning sage wand or Incense sticks, wave the deck through the smoke allowing it to waft over them cleansing them. Lavender sage is popular for good clear communication as well as Mugwort is another good choice. 

Salt - When your deck is in need of a really good cleansing reset, then place your deck into a bowl of sea salt overnight as this will draw out any negative vibrational energy that may be attached to the cards. 

Sunlight - Just like ourselves when we sit in the sun for a short period of time it is enough to help rejuvenate and refresh. Your cards will benefit just by being in fresh air. This can work wonders especially if you are feeling stuck or stagnant with your readings. Be mindful not to leave your cards in the sun for any longer than 10-15 mins at a time as the sun can bleach them leaving them faded. 

Moonlight - Placing your deck near your window or outside in direct moonlight (be mindful of the weather) on a night of a full moon and allow the moon to do its thing overnight, just like we would with our crystals and stones to cleanse and recharge them. 

Shuffling - Has always been a standard practice before a reading. It helps us to become familiar with our cards. If you have just purchased a new deck and are just getting acquainted with them lay them all out, then mix them up in a chaotic way mixing them well or do a thorough shuffle to reboot them. 

Knocking - Have you ever heard of readers "knocking 3 times" on the top and bottom of their decks before use. It's true, this practice is a quick and thorough way of "physically knocking" out stagnant negative energy. 

Breath - Our breath is a powerful tool. Simply blowing a deep breath over your deck will essentially blow out any old stuck energy off of them. 

Sound - Sound is another wonderful way of cleansing your deck. Bells in particular are a popular sound cleansing tool especially amongst witches. Singing bowls, music, and even your own singing voice works well to cleanse cards. 

Programming your cards with Intention. Once your deck is freshly cleansed and recharged ready for use, it's time to set them with Intention. Light a candle, create an intentional space holding the deck in your hands stating the intention out aloud making a verbal declaration. Before each reading state the intention of the reading Eg "as I shuffle this deck, I am about to deliver a reading around my client's career, or love life, or marriage or financial future and I will be pulling xxxx number of cards that will represent the most accurate responses on this topic". Begin the reading.

Taking care of your cards - Treating your decks with love and care will help keep them clear and cleansed longer. Keep them in a specific place on an altar, in a nice box, on a shelf, place a crystal over them. You can wrap them up in a nice piece of fabric. At the end of each day putting them away is a nice way to care for them both physically and energetically. Especially if you have multiple decks of cards definitely have a designated space for them a basket, or decorative box. Remember if you haven't used a deck for a while, be sure to cleanse and recharge them before use to remove all stagnant energy attached to them. 

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