Have you been lying awake at night overthinking a situation or thinking about a particular person in your life that you just keep hitting a brick wall with? Perhaps you need answers about family members or having issues with your partner. Maybe your curious about what lies ahead in your love life. Are you considering a change of career? Maybe you would like to know what lies ahead in your financial future. All of this and much more can become clearer with a Tarot reading.

Have you ever had a Tarot reading? If not, what are you waiting for?

My name is Julie and I have been using Tarot cards to help friends and family navigate life for close to 30 years and decided to share my knowledge and experience with the rest of the world.
I am a life coach/mentor, Reiki healer, I work with the moon, I teach manifestation techniques and practice Wicca.

My clients value my clear, open, honest and insightful readings, as I help them to open doors of opportunity and provide clarity around any situation and help them navigate life with clear purpose. I work with strong discreet ethics and provide a meaningful experience during my readings and healings.